Wellness Workshops

Illustration by @  anneliesdraws

Illustration by @anneliesdraws

There are a lot of things I truly believe in. 

One thing I truly believe in is that systems and habits work differently for everyone. I believe that there is no one solution or one way of doing things, that sometimes there are things that work well for one person or a whole group of people that might not work for another. I also truly believe that once you find what DOES work for you then you really gotta work it!

What works for me is having key principles for different parts of my life and working with the power of three's.

  • I’m constantly

  • thinking in

  • bullet point form

Breaking things down into three’s helps me remember them better. It’s like labelling my life into general compartments and knowing what falls under those labels. Like when I organize my closet I wouldn't have a label for every piece of clothing but instead use broader labels like tops, bottoms, accessories. I try to keep my foundations as broad as possible so there is wiggle room within them. Once I feel like I have a strong understanding of what my foundations are then everything surrounding that is fun and forgiving.

When it comes to my overall well-being, the three core things I am currently focusing on are:

  • sleeping

  • eating

  • doing

For every core value, there are another three sub-things I practice. These things change all the time. Sometimes I’ll try a practice I read or heard that I end up loving or often never follow through on. This helps me find what works for me while still being secure in my foundations. I’m always trying to work on things that bring the most value to my three main core values. 

Right now, my main priority of the three is sleep. I’m trying to work on getting more quality sleep and also the proper amount of time that works for my body. I find that sleeping 7-8 hours is what works best for me.

Illustration by @  anneliesdraws

Illustration by @anneliesdraws

The three things I’m working on right now for sleep are:

  • Morning routine

  • Evening routine

  • Proper posture while I sleep

What I am recently realizing is that everything IS connected. Mind and body. This and that. One thing will somehow affect another. Remembering this helps me when I feel overwhelmed or anxious because basically if I do any one thing then it’ll eventually trickle to getting the other things done too. So at the very least, when I feel like I don’t know where to start, I just start anywhere. Even the smallest of small things can get the ball rolling.

Of the three sub-things, what I’m focusing on right now is my morning routine. This trickles into working on my evening routine too. Waking up early forces me to sleep early. 

Right now I’m trying to wake up at 5 am every weekday and get at least 7 hours of sleep on the weekend to give myself some freedom. I find that being very strict with schedules, logging in my times and checking off days I accomplished my goals are counterintuitive for me and it stresses me out more than growing from it. So I leave a lot of wiggle room to have fun and also not take it so seriously.

I’m currently on week 3 of waking up early and it’s been pretty revealing. The first week was the hardest but I was pretty surprised how quickly my body adjusted. I also noticeably have more energy in the day, which is crazy because I am already a pretty energetic person by nature. So now the challenge is finding ways to productively burn all that energy. 

Waking up at 5 am has not only been beneficial for my energy levels but I also get two hours in the morning of pure quality me time. Even when it’s dark and cold outside, that feeling of solemness and calmness of the world is so comforting. It is one you can’t easily come by during the day. Everything is quiet. Everything is calm. 

I try to drink water first thing when I wake up to refresh my body. This also makes me prepare water the night before - again unintentionally working on my evening routine. I make sure not to even touch my phone for the first hour of being awake. This is probably my biggest challenge. I just wanna see what I missed out on while I was asleep! But then like, it’ll still be there in an hour. Instead, I do a quick 5-minute journal and then I do my yoga. One day I hope to be able to exercise more in the morning and do like a 30-minute run but…you know...maybe next summer. 

Anyways, all this was to talk about why I decided to put on a Wellness Weekend Workshop

Cara of The Soulful Living Academy and I decided that the UNWIND Wellness Workshop would focus on the three pillars of wellness: sleep, nutrition and stress. This wasn’t intentional to where I’m at personally but I think subconsciously it was going in that direction anyway so I decided to write a personal post about it. I truly believe that these three things can make-up a great day and it doesn’t have to be big changes like waking up at 5 am every day. Again, that’s not for everyone but it works for me. Instead, UNWIND is to show you the importance of these three things through activities, to spark that conversation in your mind and hopefully lead you to find what works for you. 


  • Gentle stretches in the morning with Laura B., focusing on the nutrients you get from a good night’s rest.

  • Nourish Boards for lunch by The Daily Palette as we have an open dialogue on the benefits of a healthy gut. 

  • Kokedama (Japanese Moss Balls) making with Eyra of Just Plants to focus on stress. The great thing about Kokedama is that you immerse yourself with nature. Studies show that being close to nature reduces anger, fear and stress.


The word wellness can be a little intimidating, especially when it comes to a group setting. I’m not a “share my feelings” kind of person (and this is why this blog is taking me DAYS to finish) so the aim of my workshops aren’t that. Having guided activities makes conversations flow easier. There is also no pressure to share anything with anyone if that’s not what works for you. Just come with the intention of having fun and taking time for yourself and see what else comes of it.