Cedar Bracelet Weaving


October 16, 2019 - Wednesday || 6pm


Join us as we team up with Amy Robertson for an evening of weaving and fun!

Amy will discuss the process of harvesting and preparing cedar as a material for weaving. She will also teach us techniques of cedar weaving through bracelets. Not into bracelets? No problem! You can get creative and make some napkin rings or just learn the techniques to use at home for your own personal projects.

Amy began weaving in 2002, on Cortes Island, BC, starting with old cedar bark found on the forest floor. Soon after, she learned the craft of willow weaving and combined the materials to make bicycle baskets. In 2011, preferring the flexibility and quality of cedar, Amy met a Haida Indigenous teacher , where she learned both harvesting and weaving techniques. Since then, Amy has returned each year to Massett, to study with a Master weaver, Marlene Liddle. Amy produces a variety of woven baskets, covers for bottles & books, placemats, card-holders and bracelets. Her craft work has been shown in Victoria, Vancouver, and on Quadra and Cortes Islands, with a signature piece at the Hershel Supply Company store in Gastown in Vancouver. Amy teaches weaving wherever there is interest, providing a range of materials, styles and projects to anyone wanting to explore their creativity.



Shibori Inigo Dye


October 23, 2019 - Wednesday || 6pm


Learn the Japanese art of shibori-inspired folding and binding techniques to create beautiful patterns on fabric with indigo dye.

About this Event

In this popular hands-on workshop you will learn the basics of shibori-inspired folding and binding techniques to create beautiful patterns on fabric with indigo dye. By the end of the workshop, you will be amazed as the stunning one-of-a-kind patterns are unfolded and revealed!

Practice pieces of cloth will be provided along with all other materials. Fabrics will be sold separately. You may bring up your own fabrics to dye, and they must be of natural fibers such as cotton or silk and prewashed before the workshop. Some fun ideas are beddings, pillow cases, clothes, fabric for bags, etc.

Things may get a little messy, so wear clothes and shoes that you wouldn’t mind getting stained is encouraged. No experience necessary!



Resin Moons


October 29/30, 2019 - Tuesday/Wednesday || 6pm


Join us for an evening of beautiful crafting with Tamryn of Cold Moons as we create our own customized moons from resin, acrylic and wood

About this Event

Tamryn of Cold Moons creates beautiful resin art that represent the moon and all its glory. She works with acrylic, wood and resin to make these one of a kind pieces.

In this workshop, we will get together for an evening of crafting and creating using Tamryn's method. We will learn how to work with the ever so finicky resin and we will get to choose and mix paints of our choice.

Because of how long it takes for resin to settle, the moons will be available for pick-up the following day or at your earliest convenience.

What you get from this workshop:

  • 9” rounds made of wood

  • Knowledge and use of resin

  • Learning to mix colours of acrylic paint

  • Your own moon made by you!

  • Light refreshments



Punch Needle Embroidery


Choose your design (at checkout) from the image below:

*** Please note that you will be able to choose a variety of colours, yarn and textures at the workshop.


November 6, 2019 - Wednesday || 6pm


Learn to punch like a pro!

Join us as we team up with @kussenandkiss and learn the art of punch needle embroidery or rug hooking. The needle punching method creates beautifully textured finished pieces that can be turned into wall hanging, rugs, pillows, bags, and more. This is a super satisfying fiber art that is fairly quick and easy, so it's great for beginners!

In this workshop you'll practice to punch and explore the various texture options to create your finished piece. We'll discuss different types of punch tools, fabrics, and fibers that can be used and troubleshoot common issues.

What you get from this workshop:

  • Use of Oxford Punch Needle - available for purchase if interested to pursue at home

  • Monks cloth

  • Use of no slip working hoop

  • A wide variety of yarns

  • Bamboo hoop

  • Light refreshments



Needle Felting Ornaments


November 13, 2019 - Wednesday || 6pm


Learn the fundamentals of needle felting through the creation of 2 ornaments, one snowman and one animal of choice!

About this Event

Needle felting is taking the craft world by storm and with good reason. They are too cute to pass up!

With the holiday season coming, we will be teaming up with Honey Canada to learn the fundamentals of needle felting through ornaments. In this workshop, we will learn techniques like shape forming, color blending and felting detail. We will be creating two different ornaments, one snowman and one animal.

What you get from this workshop:

  • Materials and use of tools to learn and create needle felting ornaments

  • Confidence and knowledge to needle felt at home

  • Light refreshments

  • Your creations to take home!



Botanical Watercolour Illustration


November 20, 2019 - Wednesday || 6pm

$55 - $90

We will be learning how to make beautiful botanical illustrations through watercolor painting.

About this Event

We are teaming up with the talented artist and illustrator Ines Beatriz for an evening of watercolour painting. The theme of the evening will be botanical illustrations through watercolour!

No experience necessary.

In this workshop, Ines will introduce, step by step, the process of creating botanical illustrations while learning the basics of watercolour. She will give hands on guidance on how to compose and craft beautiful art and touch on topics like the creative process and colour theory.

This workshop is great for all levels. Beginners are welcome to join in learning about the wonderful world of watercolour and those with experience are encouraged to join in the fun and enhance their skills through community and collaboration.

The workshop is not limited to Christmas botanicals but inspired to create cards for the holiday season!

What do you get from this workshop?

  • A night of creativity and fun

  • Hands on guidance in creating your own botanical illustration watercolour piece

  • The confidence to watercolour at home

  • Light refreshments

  • Materials and tools to work with at the time of the workshop

Supply kits are available for purchase. This includes:

  • Paint/palette set

  • Set of 6 brushes

  • 9x12 pad of paper